Governance and financials

Board of Directors

Sara Maseko
Sara Maseko
Co-Chair, CPA, CA
Joanne Archer
Joanne Archer
Co-Chair, RN, BTech, MA, CIC
Shona McGlashan
Vice-Chair, FCG
James Leung
Board Treasurer, Chair of the Finance Committee, Director of Finance, Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia, CPA (CGA), FCCA (UK)

Members at Large

Phillipa Carrie
Dr. Phillipa Carrie
Chiropractor, Cedar Coast Chiropractic
Sarah Sandusky
Sarah Sandusky
Merritt Chapter Coordinator, Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice
Dr. Kshitij Chawla
MD, FRCPC (Physiatry), FRCPC (Pain Medicine)

Thank you to our outgoing board members

We are so grateful for the many contributions of our outgoing Board Members in 2022: Finlay Sinclair, Joanne Jung, Dan Buchner, Aparna Kurl, Dr. Karen Wanger, and Kataneh Sherkat. We would also like to say a special thank you to Sara Maseko, Joanne Archer, and Dr. Phillipa Carrie, who are leaving our board at our 2023 AGM after reaching their six-year term limits. All of these Board Members have made extraordinary contributions to our organization throughout the years, and held many roles including Board Treasurer, Board Secretary, Board Chair and Co-Chair, and Committee Member. Thanks to each of you for your dedication to Pain BC, and to improving the lives of people with pain. We are a stronger organization because of your commitment.

Financial summary


2022 $
2021 $
Fundraising 2,565,903 2,159,676
    Corporate, foundations and other 735,860 765,752
    Government 1,422,652 1,228,921
    Individuals 78,531 21,100
    Programs and events 328,860 143,903
Interest 7,485 8,542
Other income 97,044 118,088
2,670,432 2,286,306


2022 $
2021 $
Communications 232,948 177,439
Education 1,032,963 858,206
Fund development 95,282 96,199
Health system coordination 97,996 184,434
Operations 429,498 497,982
Research 58,979 33,370
Support services 721,941 536,754
2,669,607 2,288,185

Thank you to our donors

Ada Glustein

Amanda MacNally

Andrea R Allegretto

Anita Meldrum

Ann M Sleeper

Aparna Kurl

Armando Vidana

Bev J A Evanchu

Brad Hargreaves

Caitlin Pritchard

Charlene Schiewe

Chris Rowe

Clare Lakes

Colleen Moser

Craig Godsoe & Charles Melanson

Curtis May

Dan Buchner

Daniel Silveyra

David Purser

Deborah Roitberg

Devan Reddy

Diane Turpin

Donna Pearn

Doug Ford

Dwayne Patmore

Emma Irwin

Emmanuel Abreu

Felicity Goldring

Frances Jorgensen

Gary A Sofko

Gillian Lauder

Grant Parker

Gregory Charchun

Gurkiran Sidhu

Gwen Yip

Iris Davidson

Jacquie Farris

James Leung

Janice Muir

Jason Roscoe

Jill Nickerson

Joan Bellamy

Joanne Jung

Joanne Archer

Jolene Foreman

Judy Frabotta

Julie Carlson

Karen Wanger

Kataneh Sherkat

Kate Kennedy

Katherine Marley

Keith Meldrum

Kellie Hudson

Ken Craig

Kim Stuart

Lana Cherris

Leah Chang

Linda Neumann

Lois Lane

Louise Malysh

Lynda Darling

Malwinder Gill

Marg Dorazio-Migliore

Maria Hudspith

Mark Pritchard

Marta Taller

Mary Robertson

Michael Negraeff

Michael Podolsky

Morris Mass

Norm Seifert

Norma Moor

Pamela Holmes

Patti Williams

Paul D Ross

Peter Joy

Philippa Carrie

Raj Mann

Ralph Guttman

Rebecca Whitley

Regan Flowers

Robert Markin

Robert Favaro

Rochelle Risman

Ross Soros

Ruth Borsook via The Benjamin Foundation

Samantha Page

Sandi Babins

Sandra Witherspoon

Sandy Smeenk

Sandy Ketler

Sara Maseko

Sarah Sandusky

Shelly Prosko

Sherry J Hallson

Shirley Sze

Shona McGlashan

Susan Greba

Tom Berekoff

Vicki Kendall

Violetta Price

Vivien V

Wenda Nairn

Winifred (Betty) Harris

BC Chiropractic Association

Canada Helps Giving Fund

Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR)

Canadian Pain & Regenerative Institute (CPRI)

Copperleaf Technologies Inc.

Doctors of BC, Shared Care Committee

Health Canada

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)

Lohn Foundation

Longhedge Foundation

Michael and Nancy Czorny Charitable Trust

Mindset Social Innovation Foundation

Ministry of Health, Patients as Partners Initiative, Primary Care Division

Order of St. John Palliative Care (SOSJ)

PayPal Giving Fund Canada

Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

Substance Use and Addictions Program (SUAP)

The Hamber Foundation

The ILC Foundation

The Zacks Family Charitable Foundation

Additional thanks to donors and funders who prefer to remain anonymous.