Combating stigma 2019

Working towards a Provincial Pain Strategy for BC

Since 2017, Pain BC has been supporting the development of a Provincial Pain Strategy in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. We have committed our expertise, our partner and stakeholder relationships, and project management support to guide the process forward.

This past year, responsibility for the Provincial Pain Strategy moved from its development phase at the Ministry of Health to the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), who are now tasked with refinement and implementation. Progress has been slow and hard-won. We will continue to champion this work until British Columbia has a comprehensive, evidence-based provincial pain strategy in place.

Supporting national action on pain

Health Canada established the Canadian Pain Task Force in the spring of this year in response to the urgent need for improved pain care across the country. The Task Force has a mandate to assess the current state of pain in Canada and to recommend an improved approach to addressing pain. Pain BC’s Executive Director, Maria Hudspith, was appointed to co-chair the Task Force’s efforts over its three-year mandate. Since its inception, Pain BC has supported the work of the Task Force by coordinating action to promote and amplify its work, including its first report and national public consultation on chronic pain.